Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nurture Bible Study!

Starting This Sunday!!!!
6:00 p.m.
My house
For women and girls of ALL ages!!
We will be using DVD teachings from this amazing woman of God, Lisa Bevere.

For more information just email me at amiknight@hotmail.com

"There is a stirring, a gathering, and an awakening
happening around the world. Women are rising to
take their place, find their voice, and connect for
strength and destiny. It is our season to flourish.
To see this happen, Nurture, the language of the
feminine heart, must be spoken by women of
every age group. This book will position you to
take your place as part of the company of women
arising to change their world!"

1 comment:

ginniajo said...

Haha Ami I thought you had bible study on thursday! silly me :)
Well I love Lisa Bevere's teaching stuff.
I have started going to church in town on sunday nights, so I will try to come sometime but I can't gaurantee I'll be there every week :/ Although I will try to come sooometimes. What time do yall get started? I love you! And I know that God is gonna change the world with that bible study of yours!