Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amy Hawkins is in ENGAGED!!!!

That's right my beautiful best friend is engaged to this awesome man of God! Their love story is one that will definitely make your heart skip a few!

They met our freshman year of college and the chemistry was there! It was then Paul and Amy began a friendship that would have it's definite ups and downs through the years. :) Throughout our years of college it was back and forth for these two... both desiring to be in the perfect will of God while dealing with the circumstances that this fallen world brings us. After college Paul went on to pursue his dreams of eventually being a pastor, while Amy stayed in Birmingham to continue raising her son, Nate, and become a teacher.

3 years down the road......
After 3 years of much praying and seeking God on Amy's behalf, Paul decides it's time to reunite! And WOW! It was a beautiful pursual! Over the past few months I've had the priviledge of seeing these two grow not only in their relationship with each other, but more importantly their relationship with God. God's perfect timing is a beautiful thing. His plans really are perfect, once we give Him the pen to write!

They now are mentoring young adults through their small group and continually seeking God on the next steps to take in life! I'm so honored to be apart of this amazing couples union in March! I know God has HUGE plans in store for them together! (along with little Nate!)
We celebrated this awesome couple's engagement with a dinner and some
sweet time with close friends!

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Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Congrats to your friend Amy! What a happy moment for all!