Monday, March 1, 2010

Can I be Real? :)

"Love is patient...."
Another version I read recently is...
"Love patiently AND passionately bears with others for as LONG as patience is needed..."
WOW... that just takes that scripture to a whole nother level doesn't it?
So I'm just gonna be real and take a moment to get out all that junk that the Lord began dealing with my heart on when I read this not too long ago- bear with me please.... :) remember love IS patient :)

~Sometimes its hard for me to be patient with people (especially those closest to me). I tend to be a results driven person-meaning I like to see change or growth- I like to see people continually moving forward. I tend to forget how some trials or obstacles may be more difficult for some people
-I forget grace- I forget love- I forget that its God's KINDNESS that leads people to repentance- I forget that sometimes the BEST way to help someone be an overcomer is not to give them advice and think my pitiful attempt of words will change them, but sometimes letting them walk things out at their pace, just walking beside them, is the best way you can help them- I need to not forget the process that we all have to go through in life.

I've recently been reminded loving someone patiently may be just allowing them to learn on their own and not putting expectations on them that they havent even put on themselves. Just think how patient Jesus must have been with His disciples. They were a bunch of screw-ups that He saw potential in to change the world- So he called them to follow Him- to walk through life with Him- Not once did He say "You can follow me but you must not have any problems, never complain, and never ever screw up anything, just be perfect"
NO! He was their constant encourager and faithful patient friend who would remind them "in this world you may have trouble but take heart for I have overcome the world" He didn't tell them they had to overcome it ... He just reminded them that He had and will continue to overcome any obstacle in their life as long as they trust Him for help.

Lord, teach me how to walk through life with people who need someone to just love them as they learn, and who need someone to be patient with them to the point they have come to in their walk with You. Help me to not put my ideas on them of how I think they should be or act, but to love them with patience as they grow into who You created them to be. Help me to be a friend, and encourager that always points to the great overcomer of this world, You!


Trina said...

I love this and I love your heart sweet Ami! Have a great day!

The Burgess Family said...

I absolutely enjoyed reading this Ami! It really spoke to my own heart and opened my eyes to who Jesus really is even more! I love you girl and I miss you!