Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walk it Out!

So over the past few months it just seems like the Lord has just been reminding me that "He directs the steps of the righteous" I mean it's been crazy the things that happened in my life the past two months that the Lord was just like... "I see you, I know exactly where you are, and i made YOU to be here for 'such a time as this.' "
See when the Lord says he has this "good, pleasing, and perfect plan" to work out in you he means it... "he has plans to prosper you... to bring you a hope and a future." He wants you to experience life to it's fullest!! All you have to do is yield to HIS leading...
See I had gotten to a point where I had my hands to much in His plans... everything I was living through was under my own control. I had forgotten to NOT rely on my abilities but HIS CAPABILITIES through me!
When He finally shook that foundation from under me I felt like I was falling out of control! BUT the moment I threw up my hands and said "Ok! your will not mine!" It's like He has showed me this whole new pathway of complete faith... yeah sometimes it seems like you're walking blindly but just TRUST that He won't let you fall and His plans for you ARE really in your BEST interest!
All you have to do is "Walk it Out!"


Trina said...

Great post, now I got that song in my head. Thanks :) LOL

Anonymous said...

I MISS UUUU!! its weird not being with you from dawn to dusk!! let me know what you are getting into this weekend and we will chill.. sunday morning we can sit together at church as well!! hehehe