Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Shepherd

Over the past week I've been reading a lot in John 10. It's such a good chapter with so much about Jesus being our Shepherd. One of my favorite scriptures that i've been focusing on is from verse 4 "And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice."

I love how it says He brings us out and goes before us and then that we follow him by knowing his voice.

My pastor did a sermon a few weeks ago called Jesus is the Sheperd and in it he talked about how sheep know their shepherds distinct call so well that if two herd were mixed together all the shepherd has to do is send his call out and his sheep would follow him immediatly.
I thought to myself, now that is a beautiful example of what it means to have an intimate friendship. Which is what I desire most to have with my Savior. In this fast pace world we have so many things going on that sometimes it may seem hard to hear God's voice.  BUT what if we can be as intimately associated with our sweet Jesus as sheep are to their shepherd. What if we were so close to him that no matter how many voices, opinions, negativity, busyness, etc... are coming our way that we still hear our Lord's voice. Doesn't that sound amazing?!
Well how do we get there? I've also heard it said that many times shepherds will break a new baby lamb's legs and carry them around the back of their neck until the lamb's legs heal and it can walk on its own again. This may sound like a strange practice but I can't help but see how it is in that time of brokenness that they lamb learns
1.)how much he can depend and trust in his shepherd
2.)how he can become familiar with his shepherds call since he is so close to him
3.)how his shepherd is there to carry him the whole way through while he heals.
What if we started recognizing our broken places as times where we can grow in our trust and dependency on Christ, where we could become familiar with his voice, or even where we can rest in his presence as he carries us.
Just some thoughts that have been weighing heavy on my heart to share.... Hope it blesses you!

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