Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sorry it's been so long!

So I'm back!! After a good 2 months of being away I'm back!!!! :)
The Lord has done so much in my life it's hard to know where to begin... so I guess I'll just start with what He's been doing in me this week. 
My motto this week is:
"I'm a work in progress! Praise God He's not through with me yet! He's the potter I'm the clay!"
With reason being, because I have been going through what some would call a "purging" season. I know I'm not perfect-just forgiven- but with that comes a desire for holiness, righteousness, and a desire to be like the one I love. The more I get to know this amazing man, Jesus, the more I see where my heart stands incomparison to His beautiful perfect love. I want to have More of Him in my life and Less of me! I want to love as He loved, with no conditions, limits, or fear. I want the relationships in my life to be consumed with the love of my Saviour... which brings me to the area He's been working on.... friendships.

I found an old sermon I heard once by Brian Houston Pastor of Hillson Church in Australia. It is called A Leader's Friendship. I want to share what I read with you and I pray that in some way it calls you to a deeper level of friendship in your relationships as it has in mine.

-As leaders we must set an example of our friendship for others to follow.
Proverbs 27:6 says "Wounds from a friend can be trusted" The true spirit of friendship is faithfulness, but many times being faithful causes us to have to confront things. This is never easy because it has the potential to would or hurt, but for the sake it may be necessary.
Real life example: Say your friend has something in their teeth. We can either:
A. be a Faithful friend and tell that person
B. be a Faithless friend and say nothing
C. be an Unfaithful friend saying nothing directly to the person then going and telling someone else about it.

Now that may seem like a mundane example but I'm sure we would all hope to have the faithful friend who would risk "wounding" us in order to prevent further embarassment or hurt. And not only would we want the faithful friend, but I hope we would all have the courage and love to BE the faithful friend.
And that faithful friend is one who loves to the utmost degree. Who gives of themselves, and RISKS for the sake of their friends betterment. A faithful friends puts others needs first and foremost. They are one who sticks closer than a brother. A faithful friend is faithful till the end.

So with that said I know I'm a work in progress and I pray  that the Lord would continue to develop His fruits in me so that I can be the kind of friend that He is to me! Thank you Jesus for filling my life with faithful friends who are amazing examples of your love and friendship!

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Heather Millington said...

Love catching up with your life....even if its through a blog. Miss you! Love you so much.