Friday, October 16, 2009

The Son has Set Me Free... I am Free Indeed!

The other day as I woke up from a short afternoon nap, a song was playin on my ipod by Kathleen Carnalli... as she sang the words "The Son has set me free... and I am free indeed" I layed there pondering what it meant to be free? What did freedom in Christ really offer? If I am really free, what should that look like in my life?

I decided to bust out the old Webster's dictionary and just look up the definition of free and see what it had to say about it. Interesting enough the majority of these real definitions began with the word NOT... in light of this I decided to draw up my own extended picture of what a free life looks like.

To be Free means:
1. NOT imprisoned- a life where nothing of this world whether it be good or bad has you trapped/controlled.

2.NOT under obligation- a life where every action is done from a love/desire that exist rather than done based on a rule or duty.

3.NOT afffected by circumstances or condition- a life where joy, peace, and love remain despite the troubles and trials faced.

4.NOT being occupied or used- a life where availability is regarded with upmost importance.

Through this time of reflection I caught a glimpse of life- the abundant and fulfilled life- as God intended us to live- completely and totally free in Him.

Remember: True freedom is a celebration, and it starts at the point of complete surrender unto a Holy God.

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