Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arise and Stand

At night, as I doze off to dreamland, I usually spend some time just talking with the Lord. About the days events, what's in store for tomorrow, where my heart is at that moment, and so forth. Last night, I decided to just listen... as I did this my heart was stirred and I felt the Spirit of God so real to me say, "It's time for my daughters to arise and stand. To stand for purity, holiness, dignity, and strength. To not be held captive by their insecurities, unbelief, or fear." I heard it over and over again; "It's time for my daughters to arise and stand!"
I felt an urgency in me that right now there is a lack of daughters who are moving in the fullness of God's power and might that He has for them. Instead of standing, they are being held down by lies and feelings of unworthiness. There is a lack of confidence that we so often see in the women written about in the Word of God. So, where has that confidence been hidden? Where do we find the confidence to stand in the midst of adversity, trial, pain, and heartache?
To stand for something it takes boldness, confidence. To know who you are, and who you were created for. The Word of God says, "BY Him and FOR Him all things were created" Knowing that I was created by God Almighty for His purposes brings strength to my frail body. If He brought me to this place for HIS working then I should have no problem in living confidently in this time, no matter what the season of life brings my way.
Daughters of God, my sisters, DO NOT be silenced by any earthly weakness, but Arise and Stand! Live out loud the plan God has created for you and only you!

Here are some amazing women who have decided to not be held back by anything! They have decided to walk confidently with the Lord in all His plans!
I love you girls!!!

Check out whosoeverwomen.blogspot.com to find out more information on how you can get connected with these awesome girls!


Anonymous said...

Ami, that stinking fires me UP!!! That is so true! Thanks for this post! it's amazing! love you!

Trina said...

This kinda goes along with what I was reading last night, when Paul said he rejoiced in his weakness that Christ might be strong thru them.

We can be strong through Christ even in our earthly weaknesses. Despite of them! What a paradox. How amazing is that?!

Terri said...

GREAT post, Ami! Awesome. Stay fired up and see you soon! :)